About Us


Our Story:  

               Welcome to ThirstFull! My name is Sadaf and I am a blessed mom of my three children. The vision behind creating ThirstFull.com is my son's idea of Simple Design Water Bottles. He wanted to combine his passion for helping people and designing together. By creating simple designs and curating an Eco-Friendly Drinkware collection at ThirstFull.com we want to fulfill anyone's desire to be Hydrated anywhere, anytime.

Our Designer: 

                      Hi! My name is Yahya. I'm a 15-year-old nerd who loves to design and is passionate about helping people.

Our Mission:

          Meet Your Hydration Needs Sustainably, through our Eco-Friendly Drinkware.                 

Our Contribution: 

                            Let's Make Our Earth More Green,Together!

Every order you place at ThirstFull.com will help us to plant a tree on your behalf, making our Earth more greener.

If you enjoy helping our Home Planet by growing more trees, you can add three more trees per order for only $1.00 more.

Our Company:

                       ThirstFull.com is owned and operated by our US-based, small, family- owned company Sahara Trading L.L.C. 

Our Updates:

                      Keep in touch with updates and promotions by subscribing to your E-mail at ThirstFull.com.

                      ThirstFull is (Trademark pending) Brand. 

Our Contact:

                    Reach us any time at: support@thirstfull.com

Best Regards:   

                      Team ThirstFull